Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Evernote another app I couldn't live without. But yet another company that doesn't test for shit in real world situations. Evernote is currently up to version 3.5.1.

I stopped updating at version 2.6.1 , the version that followed 2.6.1 added a horrible share with Facebook button in the menu.  You have room for 6 buttons, Facebook shouldn't be one.  Not to mention how fucking unprofessional is that. Imagine if excel had a giant share with Myspace button?

Fast forward i don't know how many versions to 3.5.1. Evernote note received a major overhaul , shitty Facespace button is somewhere else and countless other improvements.  But guess what? You can't copy from a note. WHAT?! Yup you have to edit a note before you can select something, two or three extra steps and this also increases your risk of messing up your note.  Evernote simply did not test this app before rolling it out. Or the boffins at Evernote have no need to copy information from notes. I think copying from a note taking application is second to searching (which Evernote will remove in version 4 and replace it with a share on Live Journal Button.. Maybe..) 

Missing a lot of versions in between 2.6.1 and the current. But 2.6.1 IMO was the last sane version for my needs.

Evernote 2.6.1

Update: I just took a peek at their forum and they are STILL trying to sort out copy and paste in the beta of version 4. 


Today Google+ received an update.  I'm sure for every new feature, it broke 2. Don't hold me to that.

Here is version 

For best results uninstall the new version before downgrading.  

Sunday, February 5, 2012

ASTRO File Manager

I used to love ASTRO. This has been my file manager since my Hero.  Recently version 3 added a new UI. Which I don't mind. But with each version 3 release, Astro's performance started to suffer on my Evo 4G.
The good old days
Current Version

I checked what I had backed up in Titanium.


I emailed the developers of ASTRO and kindly asked for an older version. No response.

Then a Google+ rant yielded me from a friend.


Woot! This are the versions before the UI change. 

I would uninstall before downgrading.  Have other versions? Let me know in the comments.


Being an Android enthusiast, Droid perfectionist and eHoarder. I often find myself downgrading my applications for various reasons. Performance issues, radical UI changes, adding sneaky features. If I can't find a replacement I'm happy with, I rollback to an older version.  I noticed the Internet was lacking an ''  for Android Apps.  My goal here is to start a repository of Android old versions.